Baxter makes his bass fiddle into a "fancy ride" in this book, "Baxter
Barret Brown's Bass Fiddle," the first book in the series, beautifully
illustrated by Charles Shaw
Baxter Barret Brown Children's Book Series
Baxter saves the wild west trail drive by turning his big bass fiddle into a chuckwagon and heading on down the
trail with his pet goldfish in "Baxter Barret Brown's Cowboy Band."  Beautifully illustrated by Elaine Atkinson.
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Click below for a sample of the music on the Baxter Barret
Brown's Bass Fiddle CD.
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Cowboy Band CD.
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Baxter flies all of his new found animal friends home on his Bass Fiddle Airplane for an Intercontinental Critter
Concet in his back yard.  Beautifully illustrated by Elaine Atkinson.
Click below for a sample of the music on the Baxter Barret Brown's
Intercontinental Critter Concert CD.
The three books below are part of a
seven book series about a little boy
that plays a big bass fiddle and does
all kinds of fun and imaginative
things with it. Each book comes
with a CD that contains original
songs that go with the story.
What People Are Saying About This Book

"Baxter Barret Brown wants to take his bass fiddle wherever he goes, so he alters the instrument to suit his
needs. He adds wheels, handlebars, a seat, and a big horn to make it into a bicycle. When he comes upon a lake,
he attaches an anchor and a sail. Finally, he turns it into a home with a bed, a lamp, a TV, and a door cut into
the side. However, when he tries to play the instrument, he finds that all of the embellishments get in the way.
Realizing that 'he had traded something he really loved for a lot things he didn't need,' he gets back to basics.
Shaw's fun-loving watercolors show a smiling boy clad in overalls and detail the imaginative changes he makes
to the fiddle. The accompanying CD, which features four kid-friendly tunes and a reading of the story,
emphasizes the sounds of the bass with McKenzie's smooth vocals. Together, the book and recording provide a
look at acoustic instruments and folk styling suitable for music lovers or classrooms."
School Library Journal